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Adam Silver
| Managing Director
IT Manager

Silver Levene + Virtual Cabinet

Wanted a document management system that was tried and tested, would be enhanced in the future, and be integrated with their existing CCH practice software.

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Silver Levene, the largest ACCA accountancy practice in the UK, has invested in the market leading Virtual Cabinet document management system, a best-in-class solution tailored specifically to the needs of professional firms.

Following extensive research and liaison with several reference sites, Silver Levene will roll Virtual Cabinet out to 120 users.

“Every time we spoke to other accounting practices, they raved about Virtual Cabinet”
- Adam Silver, IT Manager, Silver Levene

Employing over 120 staff, the key criteria for Silver Levene was to find a document management system that was both tried and tested, that would be enhanced in the future and that could be integrated with their existing CCH practice software.

“The Virtual Cabinet team demonstrated an exciting product road map with lots of time saving features in the pipeline. We like the fact that Virtual Cabinet is mature document management software and that it has a realistic future plan. We had experienced very little development with our former provider - even the fixing of bugs took ages,” Adam adds.

Virtual Cabinet replaces a legacy document management system that had become slow over time. The firm is impressed with the speed of searching and the retrieval of documents, which they find much faster with the new system.

“Virtual Cabinet is much faster than the old system.”
- Adam Silver, IT Manager, Silver Levene

Also highly rated is the ability to see how many items there are in everyone’s in-tray and the email indexing feature, which comes as standard with Virtual Cabinet but was an expensive add-on with their former solution.

Security is a priority for Silver Levene and adoption of the Virtual Cabinet document portal will provide much-needed additional back-up and end-to-end encryption.

“As a practice, we want to make client communication more secure. In the future, the portal will be used for all electronic communication to ensure end-to-end encryption and the quicker return of signed documents,” Adam comments.

His advice to other firms considering Virtual Cabinet is “It’s a complete no-brainer. The team has been fantastic and the migration smooth. We could not have asked for anything better.”

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Jason Rees
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"We can publish a tax return on a client’s personal portal, let them know it is there, request their digital signature - and the system will tell us if the client has looked at it and how many times."
Martin Bugg
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Barry Packham
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Richard Hartley
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