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Wesley Williams
IT Manager

The Carley Partnership selects Virtual Cabinet Document Management Software

Documents are now approved digitally and workflow is streamlined, paper has been significantly reduced, and there is a full automated audit trail saving weeks of time.

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The Background

Based in Gravesend, The Carley Partnership was established in the 1950s and now serves a vast array of clients, from small businesses through to large commercial clients. As a firm of accountants, they pride themselves on listening to clients and being open. Virtual Cabinet has been pivotal in their ambition to offer clients a great professional experience. 

The Problem

Wesley Williams has been an IT Manager at The Carley Partnership for three years: “We used to produce a lot of paperwork, like your typical accountancy practice, and ended up with more paper in the office than anything else. We wanted a way to retain the information, remove the paperwork and yet have quick, easy access to information when either we or our clients needed it.

 “The audit process has become a lot easier”
- Wesley Williams, IT Manager, The Carley Partnership

The Selection

The Carley Partnership asked similar firms for recommendations on the best software available. “Virtual Cabinet was highly recommended to us” explains Wesley, “after receiving a demonstration, we implemented it straight away. There were lots of benefits but the overall key assets being how simple the system is to use, how cost effective Virtual Cabinet was to its competitors and its integration to our Practice Management Software, Iris. 

The Installation

The installation was incredibly smooth, and due to the in-depth face-to-face training, our users were up and running straight away. From the day of going live, all documentation had been scanned and we’ve received very positive feedback from all users”. 

The Results

“Since having Virtual Cabinet we’ve also been able to implement changes quite a few of our processes”, adds Wesley. “Many forms whether internal, such as annual leave forms, or customer facing, such as money laundering forms, were previously printed and sent around the office for approval. Now the partnership routes everything digitally and approvals take place within Virtual Cabinet.”

“The installation was incredibly smooth, and due to the in-depth face-to-face training, our users were up and running straight away.”
- Wesley Williams, IT Manager, The Carley Partnership

Since installing Virtual Cabinet, The Carley Partnership has noticed a significant reduction of paper, an increase in office space and subsequently saved money on paper and printing costs. Wesley expands on another benefit, ”The audit processes have also become a lot easier, when information is requested it’ so easy to access and show the information in the correct format with a full audit trail meaning we no longer have to spend weeks pulling information together.”

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Sam Bailey
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Ian Phillips
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"We can publish a tax return on a client’s personal portal, let them know it is there, request their digital signature - and the system will tell us if the client has looked at it and how many times."
Martin Bugg
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“The best one we saw.’”
Simon Rowe
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Carole Waghorne
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"We now expect swifter payback from this investment than previously envisaged."
Norman Gardner
Financial Secretary
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