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Robert Bean, Partner - Grunberg & Co
Robert Bean
Grunberg & Co, One of the UK’s top 100 firms of Chartered Accountants - company logo

Grunberg & Co + Virtual Cabinet

One of the UK’s top 100 firms of Chartered Accountants was looking for new ways to add value to their clients.

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Grunberg & Co is one of the UK’s top 100 firms of Chartered Accountants. Established in May 1990, it is currently run by seven partners who are supported by a strong team of 60 staff. Grunberg & Co work with a vast range of clients having grown mainly by reputation and recommendation from current clients.

“Service is the most important thing to us; we have exceptionally high standards when it comes to the service we provide to our clients. It is essential that we have the right personalities across the business, to offer the best service to our customers”, says Robert Bean, Partner at Grunberg & Co.

“We’re always looking at new services and new ways to offer value to our clients, it’s important for us not to stand still. We used to be a typical accountants’ office with many paper files and lots of filing cabinets in the office.” It was Robert Bean who seeded the idea of the firm becoming a paperless office.

“We’re always looking at new services and new ways to offer value to our clients.”
- Robert Bean, Partner

When looking for a solution that would make this a reality for Grunberg & Co, integration was key. “We use Iris as our accounts software package, and any system we chose needed to integrate. We reviewed several systems ensure we were able to make the right choice for our business. After which it was a unanimous decision that Virtual Cabinet was the better product in terms of look, feel and usability”.

Once installed, Grunberg & Co started using Virtual Cabinet straight away in order to gain user adoption. They had internal champions within the business to help and advise other users with the software.

“We have more space in the office which will also increase going forward, our print costs have dramatically reduced”

Since installing Virtual Cabinet the initial benefits have been numerous. “We have one place for everything that needs to be stored, no longer having three files for one client. We have more space in the office which will also increase going forward and we’ve saved in excess of 20% on our PPS and computer consumable costs and, although our staff are still getting used to the system, we can already see the long-term time savings”.

Prior to Virtual Cabinet, Grunberg & Co had a manual process for invoice approvals and when approvers were not in the office this paper pile would build up. With the use of automated tasks, invoices can now be approved at the click of a button, or reassigned to an alternative approver with ease.

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