Document and Task Management for Pension Administration

The UK’s leading pension administration specialists use Virtual Cabinet to control their files and client information. Discover how our document management software can manage your files, secure your communication, increase your productivity, and speed up your business workflows.

How Virtual Cabinet’s Pension Administration Software Can Help Your Firm

"We saw at least 4 different options. During the Virtual Cabinet demo, we could see immediately see how it could easily replicate our existing filing structure, split into sections and sub sections and organised it in that way."

- Carole Waghorne, Owner, Boolers

Say goodbye to long hours of pension admin work. With Virtual Cabinet pension administration software, all your emails and documents are automatically filed and stored in one central location.

Are you in control of pension administration services? Acquiring legally binding signatures from clients for pension schemes and investment funds could not be simpler. With our secure electronic signature portal you can send and receive important documents fast, without the need for printing and postage. What’s more, any documents that are signed using our eSignatures technology can be checked for tampering by uploading them to our Verify Signed Document checker.

We can help you comply with strict data protection laws and regulations by securely organising and storing business documents. Audit and access control features ensure the prevention of any data breaches – ensuring the security of your pension administration services.  

Automate Document Workflows

From instant creation of associated documents (e.g. cover letters and stored templates), to job finalisation via team workflows and pension document automation

Email Capture and Filing

The whole team has eyes on client conversations and documents, not just one-to-one emails. You can work with multiple levels of pension document automation to suit your needs.

Intrays and Document Distribution

Assign work to individual staff members as it enters the business - all managed in one secure place. No more chaotic emails back and forth. Jobs get done efficiently with faster turnaround times. Jobs get done efficiently.

Productivity Reports

Report on how many tasks and unfiled documents each of your team members has. Find bottlenecks and improve workflows with complete visibility.

Visibility on The Client's End

Be aware of any outstanding tasks sent by clients, and monitor if they have opened or actioned documents you've sent in return.

Optical Character Recognition

Struggling to find files with your current document management software? With Virtual Cabinet, you can find documents using the text within them, rather than having to know the exact file name or location.

Standardise Filing

Organise all your information - from client documents to internal records - in one simple, standardised format with document automation. Choose faster recovery and improved collaboration.

CRM Software Integration

Integrate with leading CRM software. Reduce administration work for setting up new clients, and avoid data duplication.

Privacy and Compliance

The UK, AUS, USA and NZ have strict privacy and data protection legislation in force, such as GDPR. With our document management software, we help you stay compliant.

Pension Administration Software: Used and Loved by Our Customers

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Alan Boswell, insurance brokers use Virtual Cabinet document management system
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Belvoir, property management and estate agents use Virtual Cabinet document management solution
Boolers, wealth managers, select Virtual Cabinet document management solution
Candor slashes turnaround time with e-signatures on client tax returns with Virtual Cabinet.
PBS, P.B.Syddall & CO, choose Virtual Cabinet document management solution.
Atkins Thomson, top ranking law firm, choose Virtual Cabinet as their document management solution.
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