5 Benefits of using client portal software

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Client portal software enables businesses to provide on-demand, flexible services to clients in a secure online environment. The portal offers an entry point to a suite of collaborative and informational tools that make client contact and transactions easier.

Clients use their own login details to privately and securely access documents or information, or the services your business provides. Essentially, it is a central hub that can be tailored to each business’s needs, says Sharon McDougall of Scotland Debt Solutions.

Using client portal software enables you to provide a highly efficient and streamlined service that elevates the user experience, but also offers many benefits for you. Crucially in today’s crowded markets, it conveys you as a business that places client needs front and centre.

What are the advantages of client portal software?

Here are just five of the many benefits for businesses of using client portal software.

1.      Provides a secure setting for collaboration and communication

All the necessary documents that you need to do business with your clients are held securely within the software allowing you to comply fully with strict data privacy regulations and minimise the risks of data breach.

You can monitor the progress of transactions and provide a personalised space for each of your clients. A reliable audit trail for every client action, communication, and document delivery saves time and provides a full and compliant picture of your business dealings.

2.      Speeds up business transactions via electronic signatures

A key feature of client portal software is the facility to use legally binding electronic signatures. No longer do you need to send important documents through the post for signing, which also reduces your business’s carbon footprint.

Nor do you have to navigate your way through extensive email threads to find the information you need. The software provides a central point for document storage so transactions can be completed quickly and efficiently.

3.      Its flexibility improves efficiency and fulfils bespoke requirements

Client portal services are flexible and can be tailored according to your business model and requirements. They provide complete online support where necessary but also a holistic view of your client's needs, interactions, and transactions.

You might want to incorporate online payments, for example, or track client complaints. Regardless of the size of your company, whether it is large or small, using a client portal makes being in business easier.

4.      Facilitates consistent branding and elevates your business profile

Cohesive branding encourages client trust and presents your business as a highly professional entity. Client portal software can be branded at every stage of the client journey and helps to convey your business as a credible service provider in what may be a crowded market.

Receiving personalised services, communications, and tailored information on pages with consistent branding builds and then constantly reaffirms your company’s reputation for top-quality client care.

5.      Improves client service and saves you time

Client portal software helps your company stand out from the competition via top-level client service. Clients do not need to wait for a member of your staff to answer their queries or forward documents – they have access to up-to-date reliable information whenever it is needed.

Clients simply log on to the portal and access the information they need. This frees up valuable time and releases your staff to carry out other tasks that move the business forward.

The benefits of using client portal software are indisputable. It can raise your profile and cement your reputation as a high-level service provider. The ability to integrate third-party apps also means you have all your operational resources and tools in one place.

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