Document Management Security


Everything You Need to Know About Document Management Security

Are you facing issues with secure file management? Even if you think your documents are secure, it’s hard to know for sure. Find out the importance of document management security and how to achieve truly secure file sharing by following these easy tips.

The Importance of Secure Document Management Systems

As a business, you’re likely to store a whole host of essential documents that can be easily accessed – including employee records. Many businesses fail to restrict their access or don’t have the right document management security for sensitive and confidential files. But with a secure document manager, all your records can be kept in one organised place, streamlining workflows and reducing admin time spent looking for lost files. So having a reliable document management security system in place is a must.

Secure file sharing and storage is also one step towards becoming more GDPR compliant.

What Are the Benefits of Secure File Sharing?

While you might consider document storage to be an added expense that you don’t need, there are many benefits that come from secure document sharing:

  • Conveniently send large files
  • Collaborate with colleagues and clients worldwide
  • Simplify server maintenance
  • Protection against data threats and breaches
  • Facilitate data security
  • Automate business processes and streamline workflows
  • Be more compliant

Using a DMS reduces the risks that are associated with hackers and cyber-attacks, making the files less accessible to these crimes. Want to find out more? Book a Virtual Cabinet demo today – our expert team will be happy to help.

Choose Better Document Management Security with Virtual Cabinet

Use the Virtual Cabinet products and services in confidence, remaining safe in the knowledge that your files are being kept secure. No matter what industry you’re in – be that accounting, finance, medical or elsewhere – we have you covered with effective document management security. Find out more about how the Virtual Cabinet software suite of products are ISO27001 compliant, and explore the legalities of how they adhere to the highest industry standards for security in our terms of service.

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