Productivity Checklist: How to Work from Home

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Working from Home Tips: How to Be More Productive

It can be tough to stay on your game – especially when working from home. COVID-19 has seen one of the biggest changes in working habits and it’s likely that, for many businesses, remote working is going to become a more regular thing. But while there are definitely some perks when it comes to working from home (e.g, reduced commuting time and costs), many still find it difficult to concentrate and get the job done – having an effect on overall workplace efficiency. With this in mind, a large concern among businesses is working from home productivity.

Wondering how to be productive – no matter where you are? Use our daily productivity checklist to test your skills and stay on track throughout your working day. From sending tasks and contacting team members, to taking a break and getting fresh air, our productivity checklist covers all grounds. Find out how to work from home and how to be more productive at work – wherever your office may be – with our easy steps and working from home tips.

How to Work from Home and Still Be Productive.

As the tasks pile up and the clock starts ticking, work can feel pretty overwhelming – especially if you’re working remotely with no-one to vent to or bounce ideas off. In the office, teams can get together for meetings, with real-time communication that cuts down delays and improves team morale.

Wondering how to work from home and still be productive? Whether you’re at home or in the office, start off by thinking about what you need to do to feel constructive on a regular working day. Our daily productivity checklist below is a guide to workplace efficiency – covering the BAU tasks you’ll need to complete for a productive day at home or in the office:

  • Get sign off on contracts and projects
  • File emails and attachments
  • Chase up colleagues for urgent tasks
  • Assign tasks to people, internally and externally
  • Clear your inbox and organise deadlines
  • Liaise with external colleagues, e.g., clients and customers
  • Build and share reports
  • Scan and send documents
  • Create document templates

Have you ticked off more than half of these boxes? Everything on your daily productivity checklist increases admin time, but it has to be done – and some of it may seem a lot harder if you’re working remotely.  But while it might sound impossible, it is achievable with the right software. Find out more about how to work from home effectively below.

Improve Your Remote Work Productivity.

Struggling with workplace efficiency? Wondering how to work from home, and be productive? Whenever you feel a little overworked or overstretched, follow our working from home tips for how to work from home successfully (also suitable for those of you in the office, too!):

  • Stay in touch. Make sure that you and your colleagues are on the same page and working towards the same goals. A lack of communication can cause delays and have a detrimental effect on the quality of your work. With the right task management software, this is easy. Virtual Cabinet's cloud content management makes sure you can stay in touch while streamlining your business and workflows. For more tips on working from home productivity and team collaboration, check out our remote team communication strategies
  • Share files securely. The key to remaining GDPR compliant and ensuring the safety of your customers and employees. Secure file sharing ensures better productivity at home, allowing clients and colleagues to work collaboratively within a safe space.
  • Don’t waste time on admin. Keep up communication, but don’t go overboard. Provide clear instructions and deadlines to avoid miscommunication and the need to chase people up on work. With our task management software, you can set automatic reminders so that we do the chasing for you.
  • Maintain organisation. File documents efficiently, create daily to-do lists and plan out your day to ensure all tasks are completed – managing priorities with your task management software.
  • Find time for what matters. Set your priorities and make sure you block out time in your calendar to focus on tasks that need to be completed. If it’s a priority and it’s urgent, get it done now. If it’s a priority and it’s not time-pressing, get it planned in.
  • Organise your physical and digital workspaces. It’s not enough to have a clear desk – you also need a clear computer, too. This links back to maintaining your organisation. Make sure all your files are stored correctly, avoid duplicates with version control, set up an archiving policy and delete old documents to clear your desktop, and your brain!

And those are our top working from home tips – showing you how to be productive, no matter where you are. It may seem like a lot but, with the right approach, ticking off your daily productivity checklist is easy. And there is a way you can get it all done in one…Find out how to work from home effectively with Virtual Cabinet.

The Solution to Remote Work Productivity?

Dozens of industries, including businesses both big and small, are using Virtual Cabinet to manage and streamline their workflows and tick off their productivity checklists. From speeding up approvals with legally binding eSignatures to creating standardised document templates, with the right document management software you can make sure that productivity at home is not an issue. You'll never have to worry about laying your hands on a specific piece of paper again because every member of your team can access the same documents from anywhere in the world.

See it for yourself and check out our customer stories to see how our productivity softwarecan help you and your team boss your priority checklists. We’ve worked with over 70,000 customers to improve workplace efficiency, with software catered to each and every one of their businesses.

Still not convinced? Book a free demo online and receive quality advice from one of our product and industry experts, personalised to your business and your pain points. We’ll share our top tips on how to be productive, how to set up your document management software, as well as discussing some work from home ideas to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

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