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Looking at Document Management Systems? Read This First

Choosing a Document Management System can be pretty daunting at first, but it’s definitely worthwhile in the long run. A DMS is a piece of software that allows businesses to store and keep track of their files digitally, often built with certain business needs in mind. There are many types of document management systems with similar features, but where they differ is within their specific, individual functionalities.

Each DMS offers different features that cater to various business needs and address different pain points. But there are endless Document Management Software options to choose from, so it can be difficult to get your head around what to look for in yours.

Wondering how to choose a Document Management System? Check out the top features below to help you learn what you do, or don’t, need.

How to Choose a Document Management System

Choosing your DMS doesn’t have to be overwhelming. While you may be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of document management systems, how do you know which one is right for you? If you’re wondering what to look for in a document management system, we’ve got a rundown of the top document management system features you need to consider before committing.

Document Management System Features List

Wondering which Document Management System will best suit your business needs? As experts in the industry, here are a few of our top document management system features to look out for:

1. Security and Compliance

All the types of document management systems will have different policies when it comes to security. This includes permissions and privileges. As a business with multiple employees, you might find it difficult to keep everything in check. The ability to choose who can change or delete files helps you to control this, and protect the integrity of any important documents. And not only does your DMS have to be secure, it also has to be compliant too. Under GDPR regulations, businesses must make sure that any personal data obtained is kept safe and away from the threat of security attacks.

2. Document Version Control

Version control tells you who has made changes to a document, what those changes were and when they were made. That way, you can keep track of a documents progression and can access previous versions at any time. You can also control who can edit certain documents and set specific archiving policies to govern your document management system.

3. Cloud Storage and Connectivity

Some document management systems will offer cloud storage – but you should always think about connectivity and where, when and how you can access the system. The Virtual Cabinet Cloud Client Portal improves client communication and facilitates sharing files with customers. This allows you to easily connect with your clients via bank-level security.

4. Document Storage and Retention

With document storage, you receive a reliable and secure way to store your documents. You can choose where you store your files based on your specific business pain points and requirements, while digitising your office documents and saving physical storage space. Document retention allows you to set up archiving policies, delete old documents and simplify your system to reduce admin time and comply with strict privacy laws.

5. Integration

If you’re wondering what to look for in a document management, this feature is key. Making sure that your document management system offers integration with your existing software lets you bring all your data together in one place. Whether that’s with Microsoft Office and Outlook or Salesforce, Virtual Cabinet provides hundreds of powerful integrations that ensures your documents will be easily filed and aligned with the contact, customer relationship or practice management system you currently work from.

6. Scanning Capabilities

Going paperless? To complete the transition to digital document storage, you’ll need to make sure that the DMS you choose has efficient scanning capabilities. Move your paper trail to your central hub and make it accessible for everyone involved – no matter where they are. With a scanner, you can transfer your paper documents to your DMS, and ensure that all your files are stored in one easily accessible location. Virtual Cabinet allows users to manipulate documents within the holding area to ensure they’re correct before filing, saving time in the long run.

7. Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures and digital wet signatures help to reduce the number of paper documents produced, posted, and filed, all while speeding up the process of obtaining approvals and completing transactions. Electronically sign documents straight from Word, Excel and PDF with Virtual Cabinet through our secure client portal.

What’s the Best Document Management Software System for You?

We've talked about what to look for in a Document Management System but your specific business needs will vary from other companies. So, before you commit to a new software system, you should first check that it is suited to your industry-specific needs.

While many are afraid to move away from paper trails, getting started with a DMS can provide a whole host of benefits including digital audit trails and implementing a good DMS will go a long way to helping your business run smoothly.

Wondering what the best document management software is for you? Virtual Cabinet is the solution. Our products and services offer all these document management system features and so much more to aid productivity and data compliance. We are the all-in-one professional office solution used by leading brands across a range of industries. Find out more about the Document Management System features we offer today.

Multifaceted and completely adaptable, we take the time to listen to you and your pain points and pride ourselves on providing an agile and adaptable piece of software that works exactly how you need it to.

Intrigued to learn more? Book a demo online today.

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