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Our Virtual Cabinet and IPS integration makes your case management easy. This is why we're the preferred document management system to complement IPS.

With a surge in corporate and personal insolvencies of late, IPs are working flat-out to keep up with the caseload. At VC, we understand that any technology which helps you to tame your aggressive schedule will be very welcome and that's exactly what our alliance with IPS achieves.

virtual cabinet + turnkey = one powerful combination

Why Virtual Cabinet and IPS?

You might already be aware of the seriously powerful Virtual Cabinet and Turnkey IPS integration but just in case you aren't, we're here to outline some of the ways our game-changing software integration helps all you Insolvency Practitioners to supercharge your case management.

Some of the incredible benefits of the VC + IPS integration for Insolvency Professionals include:

  • The structure of your case files in VC is automatically taken from your current IPS SIP 9-compatible headings so you can maintain consistent best practice filing structures across all your systems.
  • All indexing information created on form templates is carried across to VC. This pre-programmed indexing information ensures all files are stored in the right place in VC.
  • It's virtually impossible to misfile your documents due to the structural configuration being copied from IPS and the automation elements removing the potential for human error.
  • Easily ensure complete, closed case files for regulators, court officials or audit officers who may request them in the future.
  • We take the stress out of retention with archiving rules that replicate your own retention policies, helping to keep you data compliant and your systems clear of redundant documents.

There are so many ways our integration makes IPs' lives easier, but here's a more detailed breakdown of how case file syncing can help you ensure complete case files. It's just one of the ways the VC and IPS integration will make your work processes 100% smoother.

What Is Case File Syncing?

In a nutshell, case file syncing is the process of copying all data connected with a particular case or client from your back office, case management system such as Turnkey IPS Cloud or IPS SQL into another management system such as VC. When your case files are synced, it means they are copied exactly from one system to the next. So, there are identical sets of each document in the optimum formation, in the correct file, without dragging and dropping or manually filing.

Why Do I Need to Sync My Case Files?

View your case files in VC directly from IPS Cloud

We've heard it said that "two are better than one", so syncing your case documents means that when you close a case, you can archive or store the complete case file with confidence that it contains absolutely every scrap of data related to that case. This means that when the governing body regulators come to call, you don't need to slow down what you're working on to assist them. It's all there, and in the very same structural order as it is in IPS.

IPS Cloud and IPS SQL are great for managing open insolvency cases, but there's nothing like VC for gathering all relevant data together and ensuring complete case files. Virtual Cabinet stores dated email communication, scanned post and files, as well as all the digital documents you have in IPS related to that case. That's why having a dedicated document management system is so important for Insolvency practitioners. Your whole business is based on data integrity so ensuring that your files are secure, tidy and audit-ready is vital.

How Do I Sync My Case Files?

That's the beauty of the VC and IPS integration. There's really nothing to it, well, nothing you can see anyway. That's why it's called automation. When you create a new case inside IPS the information is automatically carried over to Virtual Cabinet without you having to lift a finger. After that, whenever you create a new form, report or document in IPS, a button appears asking if you'd like to also save it into VC. Click yes, and you're done. Everything new is copied over under the correct structure and in the same place as in IPS, all without actually leaving IPS. Now, that's some smart insolvency software at work.

How to Ensure Complete Case Files in Virtual Cabinet

We've already outlined why it's important for IPs to maintain a tidy audit trail and complete case files, but how can you go about it with minimum effort on your part? Follow these five simple steps and you'll be confident in the completeness and structure of your case files.

  1. Set up the VC and IPS integration. It's so easy to get started. If you already have both programs then just contact your VC account manager and we'll do the rest. If you don't already have Virtual Cabinet then speak to a member of our teamto find out how we can get you started. Once your integration is all set up, you're ready to go.
  2. Needing no action from you, VC will automatically pull through your case information from IPS and replicate that filing structure into VC. You never have to worry about missing information in VC, because it takes instruction and indexing data directly from IPS, making troublesome misfiling virtually impossible because human error is eliminated.
  3. As you create more documents or forms in IPS, it's easy to save them to Virtual Cabinet. With just two clicks from inside IPS, new forms and documents will be copied and correctly filed inside VC and attached to the correct case. You'll always be able to find them again because VC remembers your IPS case indexing information.
  4. Complete your files by scanning in further information like postal communications and file them in VC to the correct case. If you use an incoming franking service such as Postworks, your post will already be digital, in which case filing these one-off documents into VC requires minimal effort. Since VC will remember all the indexing information you have previously actioned against this case file you simply tell it which case it's for and what sort of document it is. Then it's instantly saved in VC.

    If it's a physical piece of paper, simply scan it and file it in a couple of clicks.  Automatic email capture can also be set up to capture complete communications relevant to clients, creditors or cases and file them automatically in VC. Virtual Cabinet combined with Turnkey IPS equals effortlessly complete, audit-ready case files.
  5. Admin hour just became an admin minute, so step five is to go and get a hot beverage and mentally pat yourself on the back for implementing such a unified software tech stack to support your company's best work. Rest assured that if ever a case file needs to be reviewed that everything will be accounted for and correctly structured under your best practice SIP 9 format or whichever governing body standardised structure you subscribe to.

Final Thoughts

Whether you use IPS Cloud or IPS SQL you can be sure that while Turnkey is taking care of your case management, VC is handling everything to do with your document management. As an IP you are directly responsible for keeping your clients' data and sensitive information private until a time when you no longer manage it. Because of this and the necessity to ensure clean audit trails and complete case files, a dedicated and secure document management system is vital for the success of any insolvency firm. IPS has chosen Virtual Cabinet as their preferred document management system to complement IPS and it's no wonder. Our alliance is purely for the benefit of Insolvency Practitioners and it's our combined mission to make your work processes and digital transformation journey a whole lot easier.

If you're new to Virtual Cabinet and want to know more, then speak to our friendly, expert team today or schedule your free demo.


Which Document Management Software Integrates With Turnkey IPS?

Virtual Cabinet is the only recommended document management system to integrate with Turnkey IPS Cloud and IPS SQL. That's because VC and IPS have been working hard to make sure our integration directly addresses the problems that IPs have.

  • Wasting time trying to recover misfiled documents? Not anymore with intelligent indexing using filing data pulled from IPS.
  • Manually printing or copying email communication to case files? Spend that time on something more valuable and let our automatic email capture do the work.
  • Want to breeze through audits and regulatory examinations? Be confident in the completeness and structure of all your case files with VC and IPS. Simply give the regulator access to your Virtual Cabinet and leave them to it.

Do Insolvency Practitioners Need a Document Management System?

IPs spend a large percentage of their day handling, filing and organising case files. When a new case is opened in an insolvency practice, the enormity of the number of documents, correspondence and raw data you are now responsible for can be overwhelming. Taming that chaos takes a huge amount of time and with physical files, it's easy to misfile or misplace something vital to the case which will cause you problems down the line.

With a smart digital document management system such as Virtual Cabinet, you can quickly input all those documents and files into the program, set up a filing structure and automate the filing and capture of the information. Smart searching means you can be sure that you'll never lose a file, and powerful integrations with systems like Turnkey IPS and Postworks, mean that our particular document management system is exactly what Insolvency Practitioners need to save them time, stress, and money.

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