5 Ways to Achieve Maximum Productivity

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Maximum Productivity Isn't a Dream You Can Work Smarter, Not Harder With Virtual Cabinet

Learning how to be productive isn’t about working faster or even harder. It’s about working smarter. It means getting more done in less time, which is essential when the next deadline is always yesterday.

And when you’re achieving productivity, everybody’s happy. Your team, your client, you. But how do you get there?

Looking for ideas to increase productivity at work? We’ve compiled 5 productivity hacks that will help supercharge your work efficiency, so you can spend more time devoted to the things that really matter.

How to Have Fun at Work While Staying Productive

Here are our top tips on achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense – so you can spend your time on what matters most.

Cut the Chaos – Time to Consolidate

A quick glance through your computer will reveal just how many different tools you need to get through a standard working day. The smart way to boost your productivity and tame the tide of apps is to integrate as many of them as possible, preferably into a single platform.

Many organisational tools or daily task management platforms, such as  Virtual Cabinet, make it easy to link to your other essential apps. For example, by adding a Google Chrome extension, you can pull any email address into Virtual Cabinet with just one click. For Outlook users, Virtual Cabinet allows you to transform any email into a task without copying or pasting. Likewise, Slack users can avoid missing notifications by turning any Slack message or notification into a task.

Put an End to Busy Work with Automation

Studies show that managers spend almost 20% of every day on admin. Maximum productivity superheroes understand that the smart way to cut down on unnecessary tasks is through automated features such as reminders. Different platforms have their own version, but Virtual Cabinet uses automatic reminders to alert colleagues that they need to respond or take action if they haven’t yet done so. You can easily set deadlines for tasks too, which gives you and your team control over priorities and cuts down on time spend writing emails chasing colleagues and clients. Also, automated reminders can prevent you from being that person who’s always being chased by your co-workers. Automating work processes is the secret to achieving maximum productivity.

Rinse and Repeat with Templates

Does that email you’re writing seem familiar? Does it feel like you’re living in a digital Groundhog Day? If so, you need templates in your life. Typically, they allow you to do something once, save it and then use it again with a few tiny tweaks. Really simple, and excellent for achieving maximum productivity. The scope for this hack is limited only by your imagination, and, possibly, the platform you’re using. A wide range of organisational tools and daily task management platforms –  such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, Twitter and Virtual Cabinet – allow you to set up custom templates for documents, emails and projects. They’re perfect for repeat briefings, new starter inductions, regular updates – you name it. Invest half an hour in building your templates and you will marvel at the time you get back.

Work from a Single Source of Truth

So, you’re still saving files on your desktop and emailing documents and spreadsheets between your team? There is a better way to achieve maximum productivity. Possibly one of the biggest revolutions in the world of work is the use of aDocument Management System (DMS). These tools enable businesses to organise and edit documents, collaborate on content, and automate workflow processes – all from a single platform. So if you’re wondering how to be more productive at work, this is a key point to consider.

Whether you are office-based or remote, all information within a DMS can be easily accessed by a permissioned user. Organisations that use a DMS offer a more streamlined approach to drafting, sending, and archiving content – providing a complete and accurate record of what documents have been created and shared.

Master Your Dashboard

Which describes your working life more accurately: smoothly piloting a project to a nifty touchdown, or struggling to keep control as conflicting demands arrive in a steady stream, effectively blocking your path to completion? The difference can come down to mastering your dashboard. Most collaboration and task management tools have a screen that gives you an overview of all the projects you’re involved with, such as messages and notifications. For example, Virtual Cabinet splits views into two variants. The first brings all recent activity into one place, such as when you’re cc’d into emails but are not necessarily directly involved. The second contains only the tasks you have been specifically asked to do – a place where you can block out the noise of things over which you only need to cast a casual eye. Used correctly, views become powerful productivity tools to replace daily to-do lists scribbled and then re-scribbled in a notepad.

And there you have it – our top hacks for how to be more productive at work. Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense is no mean feat, but with the right tools, you’re one step closer. Book your free demo with Virtual Cabinet and discover how we can help you on your journey to achieving ultimate productivity.

What are your hacks for achieving maximum productivity? Let us know by tweeting us @virtualcabinet_.

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