Digital Wet Signatures: The Easy Way for you and your Clients to Stay Secure

Electronic Signatures

How often do you hear about hackers stealing data from clients or their employees? It happens far too frequently. And it costs companies millions of dollars every year.

If this sounds like something you've experienced, then you might want to check out Virtual Cabinets document management feature, Digital Wet Signatures.

A simple solution that helps you stay secure when sending information to and from your client. No more dodgy paper trails.

A Digital Wet Signature: What exactly is it?

When you hear “wet signature”, you’re probably automatically drawn to the use of pen and paper – it’s a physical copy on a paper document, right?

At Virtual Cabinet, we’ve taken a different approach. The digital wet signatures function allows users to electronically sign documents and speed up approvals.

Our digital wet signatures give senders and recipients the flexibility to choose how to sign a document. Sign directly using a mouse or a trackpad, or type using your keyboard.

If a simple agreement is required then our one-click signing option is perfect too!

You don't have to wait until tomorrow to do business.

Why use a Digital Wet Signature over Wet Ink Signatures?

For us, there really is no question, digital wet signatures are the way forward - especially if you want to take your business to the next level.

Unlike a wet ink signature, our electronic wet signatures provide a whole host of benefits:

  • They can be delivered immediately, anywhere in the world - allowing you to get ahead during those busy periods.
  • The same document can be signed by multiple stakeholders in one go. No more waiting in the chain.
  • Robust security of the entire process - prepared, completed and recorded. Something that paper copies will never compete with.
  • Full visibility throughout the document journey. Easily check in on the signing process - on your terms.

Are Digital Wet Signatures Legally Binding?

Since the introduction of the Electronic Communications Act 2000, electronic signatures have been deemed as legally binding.

This includes our digital wet signatures which are considered to be Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES).

To ensure the signature is legal in the UK, AU, NZ and US, they must meet the following regulations:

  • Identity is determined by email address in order to uniquely link the document to the signatory.
  • The date and time the Signatory signed the document is recorded in the document, alongside their email address, and details of the user that sent the document.
  • For further proof of identity, the signatures also include the IP Address that the recipient used whilst signing the document.
  • Remember: Any changes to the document will invalidate the electronic signature.

Secure your approval process with VC and book your free demo with us today. Our specialists will provide expert advice and answer any tailored questions you may have that are bespoke to your business or industry.


What are digital signatures used for?

Digital signatures are used to verify documents electronically. They are also used to sign contracts digitally, which means they cannot be forged. If someone tries to forge a signature, the software will detect it and prevent the document from being sent.

Can a wet signature be electronic?

A wet signature is just like any other signature, except that it is captured electronically instead of manually.

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