How Integrated Chat in NetSuite is Simplifying Communication for Businesses

Wellbeing at Work

How did you start your day?  

Scouring through copious emails? Or possibly diving headfirst into a slew of LinkedIn messages?  

Emails have become something of institution by itself, with reports suggesting that 332.2 billion are sent every single day.

Communication will forever play an integral role in business, however, for NetSuite users, having a centralised function which enables this from inside your platform will help save time, and quite possibly, reduce stress.

Here, we have taken a closer look at NetSuite integrations which power up instant chat, helping users communicate both internally and externally without ever leaving their NetSuite space.  

What is NetSuite Instant Chat?

Financial planners, eCommerce gurus, and HR Directors often live inside NetSuite, and so should all their communication with team members, vendors or potential clients.  

NetSuite live chat is a powerful, integrated feature, eliminating the need for third-party applications, therefore fusing your communication into a ‘single source of truth’.  

Communication Challenges in Business

Given the importance of communication, and its overly prevalent bearing within business, this will of course bring about some major obstacles.  

Below are just some of the most common challenges.  

Losing Valuable Information

Let’s envisage a business-critical situation has emerged, and one which requires you to backtrack communication over a specific period - just imagine how difficult that would be if your team uses multiple communication channels.  


Certain communication is deemed confidential, so unearthing ways to reduce the amount of exposure to specific documents could be the key to GDPR compliance and more.

Too Much Information  

Some jobs are built around communication, so it’s common for workflows to become littered with endless realms of messages from every possible source both inside and outside your business.  

The biggest challenge would be prioritizing what’s most important to ensure pressing concerns are handled within proficient timelines.  

Ineffective Tech

Fresh innovation is forever being introduced into the business world, so acquiring solutions that fit your specific requirements is a huge consideration to make.  

Finding something with easy, native interfaces could prove essential for maintaining productivity, otherwise staff may require additional training or recourse to even start using certain channels.

Why add further siloed systems to NetSuite? Just one integration can fuse your communication into one place - this simply empowers your NetSuite space, rather than adding more, unnecessary confusion.  

Key Benefits for NetSuite Live Chat

We’ve explored some of the many pitfalls behind business communication, so let’s now turn our attention to the many benefits you can expect when deploying live chat inside your NetSuite platform.  

Improved Collaboration

Does every member of your finance department use NetSuite accounting? They’ll spend most of their day managing invoices, tax returns, and much more, some of which may form an internal control process, in which case, a collaborative effort may be required to reach a satisfactory result.  

Firing up instant chat inside NetSuite ensures relevant people are merged into unified projects, with every financial record easily visible, permitting you to ask questions and prompt people into taking an important action, directly.  

Increased Productivity

Quick problem solving may prove imperative when preventing small hurdles from escalating completely out of control.  

Through live chat, people get real-time access to such concerns, which should hasten troubleshooting, and prevent these from halting productivity.  

Regarding time, managers can engage with their staff quicker, giving them swift indication that they’re falling behind or need to sign things off in accordance with tight deadlines.  

Enhanced Customer Service

The adage of ‘client retention is much easier than acquisition’ is something often touted in the business world, and in fact, research suggests just a 5% increase over retention can increase profit by 95%.  

To achieve this, customers want efficiency when engaging with your business, whether it’s a general question or something more urgent, such as a formal complaint.  

Failure to address these forms of communication will wear customer patience and increase the likelihood of them turning elsewhere in the future.  

For context, Zendesk previously suggested 80% of customers would switch brands after more than one bad experience.  

Using live chat, you have a central portal to deal with anything customer related inside NetSuite, helping you control dialogue sent through multiple channels for a truly omnichannel management experience.  

Live chat can also ensure you’re handing responses a personal touch, as you’re actively engaged with the nature of each interaction, helping you decide the sort of tone which may prove more effective.  

Reduced Errors

Having all forms of communication fused into the same location means you know precisely where to go when errors have surfaced within your operation.  

Through consolidated records, you have a clear trail of communication between yourself and anyone else involved with projects, fostering a systematic approach to discovering when problematic dialogue was first conducted.  

Cost Savings

In case you hadn’t noticed, the world is awash with communication apps.

Although you can’t help that customers will forever choose which is best for their needs, your business doesn’t need to follow suit, as integrated live chat hoovers up communication from external applications, enabling you to reply from just one place.

Just shy of $1.5 trillion is projected to be spent by businesses on communication tools this year – how much of this is being spent on communication apps most businesses simply don’t need?  

Discover Workiro; A Powerful Live Chat Integration for NetSuite

The GetBusy Group has one very simple motive; make people productive and happy.  

Where Virtual Cabinet has truly revolutionized the way people manage documents, we believe Workiro will do the same for the ERP space, and in particular, support NetSuite users by empowering their platform with an extra layer of consolidation.  

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