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How Do You Combat the Employment Crisis? You Can Start With Keeping the Talent You Already Have

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Finding the most talented individuals for any job role can be challenging, but worth persevering with to ensure your team is as strong as it can be. Once you have those people with you, the best way to reduce your future workload with finding, interviewing, and onboarding new talent is to learn how to retain the skilled workers you have.

So now you’ve hired your best employees, you might be wondering how to retain that talent? Retaining employees can be difficult, especially when working lives are getting longer and there has been a monumental shift from staying with a single company for ten years like the previous generation so often did. The newer generations are more likely to bounce from company to company, and role from role, to develop their skills and interests. We’ve listed some ideas below on how to retain talent.

Career Progression

The most common reason why workers move jobs is career progression or the lack of it in their current situation. However, if you focus on offering internal progression and making this a fundamental part of your business and growing your talent, then your employees may not be tempted to look elsewhere for those opportunities. Establishing training schemes, encouraging employees to consider more responsibility, and building long-term career progression and development plans will showcase that you’re invested in helping your people to grow.

Company Culture

No one is going to stay at a company that made empty promises of a great working environment and didn’t deliver. Your company’s culture must be one of the things you prioritise if you’re dedicated to retaining your talent. Employees don’t want to feel like they’re a cog in a machine, they want to be listened to and feel like they make a tangible difference. Implementing forums where employees can discuss their challenges and ideas, offering socials for peers to get to know one another, and implementing new and innovative schemes for rewards on work or progression will ensure that your top talent is happy and motivated in their role.

Break the Pattern

Scheduling out of office activities such as team meals, or nights out helps to cultivate a company culture that focuses on the happiness of their employees. Planning something out of normal work hours, encouraging support groups to form within the workforce and supplying complimentary perks, are some of the best ways to improve productivity and agency for workers. If you have a single dissatisfied employee, a simple fix could save then a stressful job hunt and save you a whole lot of effort finding and training a new person to fill that role.

Bring on the Praise

Having an employee of the week or month might be an outdated method of providing regular positive feedback for your workforce, but there still should be a way of praising the successes and hard work of your team. Without them, you have no company, so treasure your talent and schedule regular shout outs on social media to showcase their efforts. Even just a weekly message or email on a Friday thanking everyone for their hard work can boost the collective employee mood and it costs you nothing.

Evaluate Your Technology

One of the reasons employees might jump ship to another job is because they are fed up with out-of-date equipment and technology slowing them down. Failing to keep up with the cutting-edge equipment offered to employees by your competitors can result in a loss of talent. People want to be more productive these days. It’s a mistake to think that technology won’t help with that, it will.

Most employees will expect a desktop with split-screen capabilities and a time-saving document management system as a minimum in any skilled or executive position. Furthermore, with the increasing popularity of Zoom and video meetings, equipping each worker with a headset and microphone is also a sensible idea.

So, What’s the Takeaway?

We know that finding and retaining top talent can be difficult, but with our effective document management software, we’ve taken the headache out of working remotely. At Virtual Cabinet, we get our kicks from making other work teams happy and your new starters or prospective employees are no exception.

We are your one place to organise, communicate and store work from the office and home for all employees to access and your workers will thank you for it. No one wants to start a shiny new job only to find they have more filing to do than actual work. Virtual Cabinet saves your talent-filled team time, increases productivity at work and home, and saves the budget some money to boot.

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