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IPs, Never Miss a Thing! We Did the Research for You and Found the Best Places for Up-to-Date Industry News.

As Insolvency Practitioners we know you're extremely busy, but that doesn't mean you need to miss out on the most up-to-date industry news. We know that your business depends on knowing the latest as it happens. Your workloads may be feeling heavy, and the Covid-19 pandemic hasn't helped, but we're here to make your job a little easier. We've found some of the best places on the internet that you can bookmark as reliable, relevant and real-time sources of insolvency and restructuring news.

Global Insolvency

Global Insolvency

Just as the name suggests, Global Insolvency brings the latest news in the world of restructuring and insolvency from different regions. The articles are helpfully divided by continent so you only get the news relevant to where you are in the world but there's more to offer than just news. There is also information on Insolvency conferences, webinars and other resources you can access from this site. Global Insolvency is brought to you by the American Bankruptcy Institute and it's well worth a visit wherever you operate.

Credit Connect

Credit, collections and insolvency news. This is the place to come for industry insights, recruitment, directories, and online events. Anything that’s going on in the Insolvency world, you can find it here. You can also sign up for a newsletter from Credit Connect so you can get a snapshot of the latest in industry news and commentary straight to your inbox.

TRI Strategy

TRI Strategy

Turnaround, Restructuring, and Insolvency pride themselves in providing “intelligence, community and referrals for professionals in TRI”. This site mainly focuses on delivering the latest news as to which companies have become insolvent or are entering administration. They also comment on the trends that the personal and company insolvency statistics reveal as they are announced and are the brains behind the famous annual TRI Awards. You can find a library of video and digital resources on the website in the Knowledge Hub and via TRI On-demand that will benefit any restructuring practitioner.

Latham & Watkins

This is a one-stop shop for news and insightful articles relevant to insolvency administrators. It also has a snappy podcast about the global economy which is well worth a listen if you work in any financial profession. They cover topics such as the future of ESG in business and how changes in energy and infrastructure can affect other areas of business.

R3 insolvency news


R3 is the Association of Business Recovery Professionals. Their three 'R's stand for Rescue, Recovery and Renewal and you'll probably already know that they are one of the biggest thought leaders in the Insolvency and restructuring world. If you become a member of their professional community then you get access to their podcast as well as other valuable resources such as CPD courses, alerts for changes in legislation and digestible bulletins of relevant headline news. If you're not a member there are still plenty of free insights on their blog and guidance for IP professionals.

Insolvency turnkey blog

Turnkey IPS Blog

If you're an Insolvency Practitioner then you're probably familiar with the amazing solution Turnkey offers to the insolvency profession. However, you may not know that the Turnkey blog is a great place to get your insolvency sector news and advice as well as getting handy tips on how to best use IPS to streamline and optimise the insolvency service you provide.

Insolvency and Law Business Advice podcast

This is a great podcast for anyone interested in financial, insolvency, debt recovery and restructuring services. The podcast episodes vary from twenty minutes to three-quarters of an hour in length and provide an in-depth insight into individual insolvency cases and the trends affecting the industry as a whole.

Insolvency insider newsletter

Insolvency Insider UK

This is a free newsletter focused on collating the latest news stories relevant to the insolvency sector in one digestible, weekly email. Signing up for industry-specific newsletters is a great way to get a quick impression of what's going on currently without having to search for, or trawl through endless content. The headlines are there so you can choose which topics are most relevant to you.

The Gazette

It's the official public record for insolvency announcements as they happen. This has monthly commentaries on the latest insolvency statistics, as well as insightful articles on the issues facing businesses and Insolvency professionals in the current economic crisis. It also has official announcements of the latest corporate and personal insolvencies in the UK so you can keep up to date as insolvency orders are made. You can also search by location or for certain types of insolvencies in case you have a speciality area of insolvency and restructuring expertise.

The Financial Times

The Financial Times

This is possibly the best-known and well-established publication or website on our list, but sometimes the oldies are also the goodies. The bad news is that the Financial Times is a subscription service now. They boast a considerable readership despite their hefty payment scheme, with some 300,000 subscribers so the numbers suggest they're still the place to go for financial news and guidance for insolvency practitioners.

Business live

Business Live

This website provides the latest in headline corporate insolvencies in the United Kingdom. While they aren’t purely an insolvency news site, it does have a dedicated law and finance department, and again you can filter by location, so you only see the content that’s relevant to you. In addition to this, if you work to rescue and restructure businesses in financial distress then it will be useful for you to see what the present landscape of national and international business looks like so you know what to expect for the future.

ICAEW resources for accountants and financial services


The ICAEW is an industry thought leader in the insolvency profession and maintains its authority in other financial services. As the famed Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, they offer resources, accredited training, a community page, a recruitment platform, and news and insights. IPs, accounting and financial services professionals will benefit from the resources available on this website. ICAEW has a podcast in addition to their other video and written resources so there’s something for everyone. You can sign up for insolvency-only news from the ICAEW here.

Final Thoughts

When you're up against the clock, there are times when you just need to get your head down and block out all forms of distraction to get more done. We know that, as an IP, you're well aware that staying in touch with the latest industry news is still absolutely vital. Missing an important amendment in the law that affects the case management process can have a real impact on your business. That's why we're here to help you to keep informed of what's happening in the financial landscape and insolvency profession.

This doesn't have to be time-consuming though. Following some of these reputable organisations on LinkedIn, or setting up email alerts for breaking financial news can make it a lot easier to stay up-to-date with the latest intelligence. The next thing you should be doing to maintain the edge over other insolvency firms is to make sure your tech systems support efficient work processes. For example, does your document management system integrate seamlessly with your case management platform? Avoid pointless admin and data duplication with the Virtual Cabinet and Turnkey IPS powerful integration. Never input the same data twice and never lose a file again. Schedule your free, no-obligation demo of Virtual Cabinet today and start working smarter with data clarity.


What Are the Best Insolvency Podcasts?

Unlike the accountancy profession, there aren't a wealth of options for insolvency-specific podcasts out there. However, several accountancy podcasts also cater for other financial occupations such as insolvency services. One of the best podcasts we've come across is the Insolvency and Business Law advice podcast but there are also other podcasts you might find valuable if you deal with companies and people in financial distress on a daily basis. One such podcast is the Debtmatters podcast which provides valuable insights into the domestic and corporate debt landscape and will help you predict insolvency trends. We've also mentioned Latham and Watkins' podcast above and R3 as a great resource for IPs. If you happen to be a member of the R3 community then we definitely recommend you give their podcast a listen.

How Can Insolvency Practitioners Go Paperless?

The insolvency profession is one of the most paper-stubborn sectors we've come across and we understand why. IPs have to deal with so much information and data every single day that it can feel impossible to keep it all in order. Quality document management can make all the difference, though.

Virtual Cabinet insolvency document management software helps firms overcome a number of challenges including efficient file management. Insolvency professionals are usually drowning in data like case files, documents, client communication, administration, sensitive data, forms and contracts. It all adds up to a veritable mountain of documents and time wasted trying to tame the chaos. Sound familiar? we're here to help. Find out how VC can make your insolvency business more productive and organised while keeping you inspection-ready.

Where Can I Find Free Insolvency News?

If you work as an insolvency practitioner or restructuring specialist then you'll likely need a reliable place you can go for the latest insolvency news and personal and company insolvency statistics so you don't waste your precious time shopping around for information. Some reputable organisations that provide support and guidance for IPs are gated though, so you can only access them for a subscription fee. Some of the places you can rely on to be a free source of reputable Insolvency-related content are The Gazette online, TRI Strategy and Credit Connect.

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