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Virtual Cabinet Is Refreshing Its Image - Find out why and what this means for the future of VC

Virtual Cabinet has been in the Document Management space for over two decades now and we have always been known as one of the front-runners in providing reliable, innovative Document Management Software. Through the years, we've grown and developed new cutting-edge functionality to complement our already valuable product and now we'd like to announce a further evolution. This time it's our image and branding we've upgraded.

Virtual Cabinet is growing, so it's only fitting that we undergo some changes to our brand identity. This isn't a vanity project though, there is a great reason behind this change as it not only affects us but our wider family too. Our GetBusy PLC family, that is. So here's a brief history of where Virtual Cabinet came from, where we currently are, and yes, where we're going next.

Who Are VC?

The amazing people behind VC and GetBusy PLC

Just in case you don't know us, Virtual Cabinet is a global provider of standard-setting digital Document Management Software that allows even the most paper-stubborn industries to go paperless and digitalise their work processes. We've come a long way in that time but we're proud that we've always been the ones to watch in the DMS market for intelligent innovations and pioneering new functionalities starting with the Virtual Cabinet Portal, automatic email capture, and electronic signature features.

We've always been people-centred as a company. We make software and we work with cold, hard computers but it's our people who create these creative, life-changing applications, and it's people who use them to make their lives easier. We know we could never achieve all that we have so far and maintain our outstanding product growth without our incredible team and our loyal clients.

The Past

Virtual Cabinet's Document Management System caters for a wide range of professional services including accountancy, insolvency, education, finance, and medical industries. We make everyday work and filing easier for professionals in companies of all sizes and we're proud of how much we have added to our original product over the years. From time to time it's good to reflect, so let's take a look at the VC journey so far.

VC Journey so far Infographic

We could have given you a list of every product update since flared jeans were cool, but there have been so many integrations, new features, and add-ons in the Virtual Cabinet product that we couldn't possibly mention them all. Our point is, that it's been a long and educational journey to this point and we're not even nearly done yet. VC will always keep growing and working to improve our clients' work processes.

The Present

So, who are Virtual Cabinet now? Our latest brand refresh has been launched to explain who we are now and demonstrate a couple of key concepts around our identity.

  1. VC is a contemporary, innovative product for the modern-day professional. We are looking to the future, we're growing, and continuing to invest in our products.
  2. We are a part of a bigger GetBusy PLC family alongside other amazing productivity applications.

Our new logo combines the classic functionality of our Document Management System with our thirst for innovation and progress. Our experience means we know how to deliver exceptional, powerful Document Management Software but we know that we don't have to stop there.

Virtual Cabinet Global Head, David Owen has this to say about the future direction of the VC business: "Document Management is at the very core of Virtual Cabinet and will continue to be, however, the learnings we have made from our solutions that now touch over one million end-users has helped us realise that we can solve a much bigger productivity problem. With the new acquisitions in the group and our next generation of Virtual Cabinet cloud content management, it was the right time to have Virtual Cabinet’s brand refresh and create a logo that fits into our innovative and recognisable family."

So, you see, our brand refresh is more than just a cosmetic facelift, although we do like to look our best. It demonstrates our growth, ambition, maturity, and our drive to continue to create and deliver amazing new ways to make your work easier and help your business thrive.

The Logo

Our new logo is instantly recognisable on any background at any scale and with the purple accent, it's instantly identifiable as belonging to VC. The clean lines in the filing cabinet icon represent our classic functionality as a product but also our commitment to maintaining our trajectory of contemporary innovation for the future. Visually, it also shows how we relate to our wider GetBusy family and the other products in our productivity suite.

The GetBusy and the VC logos side by side

The Future

What's in store for Virtual Cabinet's future? Well, to start with, we're on virtual cloud nine with the unlimited potential of our SaaS cloud-based solution, Virtual Cabinet Cloud. It's so much more than Document Management, it's Document Management re-imagined - where documents, communication, and workflow interchange seamlessly in one place, with equal focus on internal and external collaboration.

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We're also really looking forward to the next step for some of the smart new productivity programs we've successfully acquired and developed to complement VC. We're all set to create the ultimate productivity suite for all professional services and industries For now, though, it's onwards and upwards for Virtual Cabinet and you'll just have to watch this space.


Why Have Virtual Cabinet Changed Their Logo?

Virtual Cabinet is proud to be a part of a larger GetBusy company with other incredible new products by our side. As such we wanted our logo to reflect our belonging to the GetBusy PLC Group. One of the reasons why we refreshed our branding was to visually reflect our alignment with our parent company and the other applications in that family unit.

Another reason why we chose to update our logo was to demonstrate our growth and innovation. We needed our logo to reflect what we do in a contemporary, visual way. Our new logo keeps our signature purple but visually combines the classic functionality of our product with VC's dedication to innovation. We are thriving and looking to the future so it's only right that we have a contemporary visual representation to show VC belongs in the GetBusy family and is committed to delivering for the future.

What Is the Virtual Cabinet Portal?

The Virtual Cabinet Client Portal is a cloud-based portal which enables our clients to send documents securely to their customers. This means that you can send contracts, approvals, and forms to your clients electronically and then receive them back into Virtual Cabinet's Document Management System while maintaining maximum security. Our Client Portal enables you to dramatically speed up your work processes by eliminating the time it takes to post and retrieve signed documents or official paperwork. It also means your audit trail remains squeaky clean as VC records the versions of each document input and extracted from the system so you can maintain perfect data compliance.

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