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Seamus Parfrey
| Managing Director
Managing Partner

Parfrey Murphy selects Virtual Cabinet Document Management System

Concern about security, especially the ‘interception’ of client emails drove them to implement a system with an integrated document portal to minimise potential risk.

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Parfrey Murphy, Chartered Accountants, a two-partner firm based in Cork employing 16 staff installed the Virtual Cabinet document management system and integrated document portal in January 2012.

“Security and the possible interception of client email attachments was a prime concern.”
- Seamus Parfrey, Managing Partner, Parfrey Murphy

The fear of getting rid of paper had previously prevented the firm from implementing a document management system, according to Seamus Parfrey, Managing Partner.

“There is a great emotional comfort in dealing with paper which makes it easy for someone to continue in that vein. It was not an overnight decision, we talked about it for between five and six years and finally decided it was time to break away from ‘old hat’ methods.”
- Seamus Parfrey, Managing Partner, Parfrey Murphy

The firm cites five key reasons for adopting a paperless route:

  • Difficulty with managing paper was a major issue
  • ‍Cost of paper and the wastage
  • ‍Ease of retrieval of information
  • ‍Space files and paper take up
  • ‍Looking to save time, and increase efficiency

Several systems were reviewed and Virtual Cabinet came out on top in terms of functionality and affordability.

“We researched and found some good reviews and Virtual Cabinet was well commented on by professionals using it.”
- Seamus Parfrey, Managing Partner, Parfrey Murphy

The firm’s concern about security and in particular, the ‘interception’ of client emails persuaded them to implement a document management system that provides an integrated document portal to minimise potential risk. Stricter data security laws for the UK/EU and tougher sanctions also helped the firm decide that the time was right.

Shortly after implementing Virtual Cabinet, the firm worked towards making electronic communication via the portal, the default. “We are trying to establish a position where our clients are not given a choice. We are willing to lose clients if they don’t follow our procedures and it will undoubtedly result in a judgement call. This is the way we do things and if you prefer a different route, then we are not the firm for you.”

“The document portal makes things easier for us and eases the approval process so that tax returns can be finalised within a few hours instead of days. It also helps save time in follow up procedures. The portal and document management system are part and parcel of a professional modern practice.”
- Seamus Parfrey, Managing Partner, Parfrey Murphy

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