5 Things You Need to Know About Virtual Cabinet

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What You Need to Know About Virtual Cabinet's Document Management System

We understand that pledging to new business software is a big commitment. How do you know if it’s the right fit for you? How do you know that you can rely on the security of your data? There are many questions to ask. From how new document management solutions can integrate with your existing interface to hosting options, here are five key details you need to know about Virtual Cabinet before you make your decision.

1. Who Is Virtual Cabinet For?

The Virtual Cabinet Document Management Software is designed to suit businesses and firms of all sizes, from a large range of industries. We have experience working with insolvency and accounting firms, as well as those in professional services and property and many other industries. We are the all-in-one professional office used by leading brands across a range of verticals. Our document management software is multifaceted and completely adaptable. Our experts are serious about taking the time to regularly listen to our client's pain points with a view to constantly improving our software so that it works exactly how you need it to when you need it.

Check out our reviews to see why over 70,000 customers choose Virtual Cabinet.

2. What are Your Hosting Options?

Virtual Cabinet is a hybrid product suite, meaning it’s made up of products that can be installed on-premise or in a private cloud, all while being integrated with other products. You can deploy Virtual Cabinet to your existing private cloud, or we can provide hosting for you via our Cloud4VC service. It’s that simple!

Our document management software can be deployed in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), all of which provide everything needed to run Virtual Cabinet securely in the cloud – either in full or in part.

We have also developed apps for iOS, Android and Windows so that our customers can access our document management features any time, anywhere.

3. Can You Integrate with My Existing Infrastructure?

Here at Virtual Cabinet, we’re not about compromise. That’s why we take the time to listen to our customers and prospects, to provide a software solution that suits their needs. That’s also why we’ve

designed our document management software to integrate with hundreds of existing solutions. From Microsoft Office plugins and CRM integrations, our powerful software brings all of your data together into one central location. Our system works with your existing software, rather than against it.

If you’re unsure whether we will integrate with your existing system, check out our document management integrations.

4. Will My Data Be Secure?

We understand the need for document management software that you can rely on. You’re likely to store a whole host of essential files and private data that needs to be easily accessed but only by the right people.

Security is one of the key benefits of our document management software. With our access controls, you have the power to manage your data and protect critical business content at every stage. Our electronic and digital wet signatures are also highly secure and easy to use while remaining compliant with e-signature laws, standards and best practices.

Virtual Cabinet is also ISO27001 compliant, so you can be confident in your company's data compliance. Thousands of businesses, big and small, trust us to manage their documents.

5. Do You Have an Integrated Communication Tool?

Our cloud contentmanagement software, can cater for all types of work, either independently or collectively. Whether that’s by managing documents, communication, or tasks, the Virtual Cabinet suite is designed to suit a variety of businesses. We help you build relationships through incredible work management with a system that’s catered to you.

Reliable Document Management Solutions from Virtual Cabinet

Wondering if we’re the right fit? We work with thousands of customers to help them manage their work. Find out how we can support you by booking a free demo. Our experts will listen to your pain points and talk you through a tailored solution for your business.

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