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Want to Learn How to Automate Document Creation? You're in the Right Place

Every day employees face monotonous tasks that are tedious and repetitive, like creating documents from templates. Whether you’re pulling invoices together or building contracts, you likely spend a large chunk of your working day copying and pasting the same information. The solution? Automated document creation software.

Document creation solutions are now an integral part of many business functions, helping to improve team efficiency and workflows. Find out how to automate document creation with Virtual Cabinet below.

What Is Document Creation Software?

Also referred to as “document automation”, a document creation system helps businesses design and organise document templates to automate or assist with the production of important files. Automated document creation software populates templates with data that is specific to a certain industry or document type, making it easier to produce numerous files in an efficient way.

Benefits of Document Automation

For many, the term “automation” strikes fear and concern surrounding lack of control. But there are many benefits of document automation that make it worthwhile for businesses:

  • Less risk of human error: instead of creating a document from scratch, or copying and pasting one together, document automation reduces the risk of typos and the omission of important content. Instead, you can rest assured that every document is correct and consistent.
  • Improved efficiency: rather than spending time pulling together lengthy contracts, the document creation system allows you to produce many documents in much less time.
  • Saving on time and money: keep overhead low. Rather than hiring employees to fill out paperwork, you can automate the process and reduce your processing costs – and the money spent on IT staff thanks to remote customer support. What’s more, by automating everything through a document management system, you also save money on supplies and printing.
  • Going green: one of the key benefits of document automation is sustainability. Instead of mailing documents, you’re publishing them to a portal or uploading them to your system – eliminating the need for physical paper trails. Need a signature? It can all be done through legally binding eSignatures, without the need for paper. Discover more of the benefits of a paperless office.

Utilising Document Creation Solutions

Wondering how to automate document creation? With the right software, templates and data source, the process is easy. All you need to do is include all of the necessary, constant information (e.g., layout, your business address or any legal clauses that must remain the same across each document) while leaving room for the specifics – such as any customer information or tax codes that will need to be amended from one document to another.

Automated Document Creation Software from Virtual Cabinet

Quickly create templates that automatically populate with document automation from Virtual Cabinet. Your Word documents can include merged data from your back-office system while enabling the management of multiple document variants.

Follow our step-by-step process on how to automate document creation below:

Now you know how to automate document creation, it’s time to start streamlining your business.

Start automating documents such as invoices, letters and more with VC and book your free demo with us today. Our specialists will provide expert advice and answer any tailored questions you may have that are bespoke to your business or industry.

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