New Year. New Look.

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It's a New Year. How About a New Look?

Rebrand Announcement

We have evolved. As a business, we have grown, and that has allowed our products to have significantly transformed over the past 12 months. With growth comes exciting change…and in this case, a change to our logo and brand identity. We are thrilled to finally share with you, the new Virtual Cabinet.

The New Logo

Representing precise organisation, our new logo better aligns with our products and company values. It is streamlined and sophisticated which conveys the process our product enables: bringing order and organisation to an unscripted and evolving work environment.

vc_symbol_rev_vcgrad_800x800_youtube copy

The New Website

We have launched a new website, consistent with the new and improved brand direction. Our main goal with this redesign is to provide our current and prospective clients with a more streamlined site that allows easier access to information about who we are, what we do, and how we can help businesses grow.

What’s Next?

For full circle consistency, you will find the latest Virtual Cabinet Version here. Which has been designed and developed from the ground up, providing you with the best experience we have ever created.

Welcome to the new Virtual Cabinet.

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