Engineering Document Management System and Online Portal

Virtual Cabinet is the ideal engineering document management software for firms and projects it controls your documents, secures your communication, increases your productivity, and radically speeds up business workflows.

How the Virtual Cabinet Engineering Document Management System Helps Firms and Projects:

With the engineering drawing document management system, you can send large files, drawings and images via a secure online portal using 'magic links' – then track exactly who opened them and when. Allow people to approve documents with legally binding digital signatures.

What’s more, with our document management system for engineering projects, you can use internal 'intrays', and set up work-in-progress areas for easy team collaboration and document version control. Automatically file all incoming and outgoing documents, and sync with your existing systems for data integrity. Manage document and process workflows across your business, and generate real-time team performance reports to ensure optimum performance.

If you're looking at engineering document management software then consider Virtual Cabinet. Speak to us today to see how we can offer you an instant return on investment – both in time and money!

Document Management System for Engineering Projects and More

Kreston Reeves, chartered accountants and financial advisers, selects Virtual Cabinet as their document management system - company logo
Gibson Booth, business services and insolvency, boosts secure communication with Virtual Cabinet Portal
Alan Boswell, insurance brokers use Virtual Cabinet document management system
7IM - Seven investment management choose Virtual Cabinet document management
Lovewell Blake, Accountants and financial advice firm, select Virtual Cabinet Document Management Software -company logo
Belvoir, property management and estate agents use Virtual Cabinet document management solution
Boolers, wealth managers, select Virtual Cabinet document management solution
Candor slashes turnaround time with e-signatures on client tax returns with Virtual Cabinet.
PBS, P.B.Syddall & CO, choose Virtual Cabinet document management solution.
Atkins Thomson, top ranking law firm, choose Virtual Cabinet as their document management solution.
Ducan & Toplis, chartered accountants choose Virtual Cabinet document management system
Richard J Smith automates email filing with Virtual Cabinet
real-time refresh
Automatic Filing

Email attachments, CRM system files and scanned documents are all automatically filed and stored away for you. to meet document control procedures for engineering.

Secure file sharing
Data Protection

Comply with GDPR and other strict privacy laws with secure engineering document management. Get audit trails, encrypted communication, control access privileges and more, all while securing your client data.

legally binding digital signature
Faster Approvals

Let clients sign documents with electronic signatures – meaning no more emailing and printing PDF’s. Watch your turnaround time improve and increase your output.

automated, trackable workflows
Optimise Workflows

Your firm is only as productive as its processes. Streamline, automate and optimise your workflows, and generate real-time team reports you can action.

Client requests
Client Portal

Make use of the branded Client Portal to send large files and secure communication, with seamless integration back to your document management system for engineering projects.

Content collaboration with Virtual Cabinet Document Management
Team Collaboration

Send documents to private or group intrays – improving visibility and teamwork. Set user permissions, access version controls and more with content collaboration tools.

Increasing graph
Performance Reporting

Improve audit logs, intray checks, outstanding tasks, workflows, due dates, priority, ownership, Client Portal reports and more, with an auto-generated engineering document management system.

Check out the latest version of VC

Connect your engineering document management software with powerful Microsoft Office add-ins (Outlook, Word, Excel etc.). Discover leading integrations with popular business software.

Powerful search tools
Data Searching

Retrieve customer data instantly. Use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and full-text content searching across multiple file types.

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Hear From a Few of Our Customers

Richard J Smith, Specialist Insolvency Practitioners And Chartered Accountants - company logo
5 gold stars in a row - icon. 5 star review
“The emails I receive on cases can now automatically be filed to the correct client with Email Capture. This is a huge time saver!"
Sam Bailey
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Candor, Galway based Chartered Accountants - company logo
5 gold stars in a row - icon. 5 star review
"Now we can send a tax return off to a client and get it back from them on the same day within 5 minutes."
George Taylor
Practice Manager
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Pitcher Partners, Accounting network based in Australia - company logo
5 gold stars in a row - icon. 5 star review
“Easy to use, unmatched features!”
Tanya Whidborne
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Heelan Associates, Hampshire based family accounting firm - company logo
5 gold stars in a row - icon. 5 star review
“Being able to basically ‘google for a document’ is amazing – efficiency, pure and simple. I love it, and my team love it.”
Dan Heelan
Business Services Manager
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Cornish Accounting Solutions, Cornwall based accounting firm - company logo
5 gold stars in a row - icon. 5 star review
“Virtual Cabinet has been an integral part of our transformation.”
Paul Miller
Managing Director
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Parfrey Murphy, Chartered Accountants based in Cork - company logo
5 gold stars in a row - icon. 5 star review
"Returns can be finalised within a few hours instead of days. It also helps save time in follow up procedures.
Seamus Parfrey
Managing Partner
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