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Document Management for Professional Firms and Client Portal Software

Virtual Cabinet is ideal document management for professional firms and business, in any industry. Our software controls your documents, secures your communication, increases your productivity, and radically speeds up your workflows.

How Virtual Cabinet Helps Businesses & Professional Firms:

"Personnel typically save six weeks per year."

- Antony Williams, Evolve Financial Planning

We've helped over 70,000 customers across dozens of industries to run significantly better businesses and professional firms.

Imagine automatically filing incoming and outgoing information, having company-wide advanced data searching (including Optical Character Recognition), automating your team workflows, generating real-time performance reports to identify bottlenecks, and securing all your sensitive data.

Send large files securely online with your own branded Client Portal, allow customers to sign documents with legally binding approvals, then sync all this information back into your document management system.

We're famous for our integrations. Whether you need your file management to integrate with your CRM, Practice Management system, or Case Management system, we make sure that all your data is securely stored and visible in one central location with seamless integration.

And with even more tough privacy and security legislation, such as GDPR, it's never been more important to control your data to remain compliant.

Get an instant return on investment - both in time and money - with our document management for professional firms by talking to us about Virtual Cabinet today.

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Automatic Filing

Email attachments, CRM System files, and scanned documents are all automatically filed and stored away for you. Goodbye admin.

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Data Protection

Comply with GDPR and other strict privacy laws. Get comprehensive audit trails, encrypted communication, access controls and more. Secure your client data now.

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Faster Approvals

Let clients sign documents instantly with electronic signatures. No more emailing and printing PDFs. Cut your contract turnaround time in half.

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Optimise Workflows

Your firm is only as productive as its processes. Streamline, automate, and optimise your workflows. Generate real-time team reports you can action.

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Client Portal

A branded Client Portal to send large files and secure communication, with seamless integration back to your Document Management Software.

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Team Collaboration

Send documents to private or group Intrays. Set user permissions, access version control, and more with content collaboration tools.

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Performance Reporting

Audit logs, Intray checks, outstanding tasks, workflows, due dates, priority, ownership, Client Portal reports, and more!

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Powerful Microsoft Office add-ins (Outlook, Word, Excel etc.). Leading integrations with popular business software.

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Data Searching

Retrieve customer data instantly. Use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and full-text content searching across multiple file types.