Automating Document Workflow Solutions


Can You Save Time at Work by Automating High-effort, Low-yield tasks?

As more and more documents are created each day, it becomes increasingly important to be able to manage workflow solutions to ensure a smooth-running business. That’s where document workflow solutions come into play. And this process can be automated to improve workflow efficiency and team productivity.

For many people, the word “automation” strikes fear in their hearts. There’s a misconception that automation equates to a lack of control, but there are also many benefits that come with automating document workflow solutions. For starters, it can help to speed up processes and contribute to overall productive time management, and isn't that what every business wants?

What Are Document Workflow Solutions?

Document workflow solutions help to capture, generate, track, and store documents associated with your business. You can create both sophisticated and simple procedures that will structure your document-based tasks and automate your business processes.

Do you have certain procedures you need to follow when creating and using documents? Automated workflow and document management software can help you meet these requirements with ease, allowing you to avoid security breaches and speed up approvals.

Virtual Cabinet Document Workflow Software

Are you wasting hours trying to locate lost documents and misfiled information, either manually or digitally? Spend less time managing your files and more time managing your business with a smart Document Management System.

Workflow Automation

Automate business processes to stay productive, ensure compliance, and increase the visibility of job completion across the business. The Virtual Cabinet document workflow solutions offer a whole host of automated functions that will help you speed up common work processes:

  • Easily share files internally and externally. Set edit, approval, review and sign-off permissions
  • Customise your workflow processes to meet business requirements
  • Create tasks and standardise processes across the business; e.g., document creation, approval, signing and submission
  • View outstanding and completed tasks from colleagues and clients. Create reports to keep track of how quickly jobs are completed so you can manage your workflow effectively

1. Scanning

Scan and digitise all of your company records, uploading them to one central location that is easily accessed by all of those involved. Employees are able to gain immediate access to their digital documents using secure logins. Multiple users are also able to access the same file simultaneously, streamlining workflow and improving collaboration within teams.

2. Document Creation

With the right software, templates and data source, automating document creation is easy. You can quickly create document templates for commonly used files that are then automatically populated with the relevant information for your business. Your documents can include merged data from your back-office system while enabling the management of multiple document variants and eliminating the risk of human error. That way, you can ensure that all your files are following the correct format, structure, and regulations.

Learn how to automate document creation in our guide to improve your document workflow management.

3. Automatic Filing

The Virtual Cabinet automatic filing function makes life easy and cuts out the need for unnecessary admin. Use bespoke rules that are unique to your business that automatically file documents away into the right location, depending on their specifications. Capture forms created by other systems and set up an automatic filing rule to store them in your work management system. Configure templates based on the layout of particular forms and design a system that is bespoke to your business.

Also, save time wasted on organising emails and use conversation rules to index the first email in a thread with your clients to automatically file and capture subsequent correspondence – sending it straight into your automatic filing system. Because a clear inbox is the fast track to better productivity.

4. Content Searching

Every day businesses face masses of documents and time spent seeking the right information. The powerful content searching tools quickly scan emails and documents within Virtual Cabinet to draw up the results you require, in just a few clicks – the full-text search function works across numerous file types, including Word, PDF, email, JPEG and PNG. Whether you’re looking to pull up all information regarding a particular client, or are after a series of files detailing a certain case, Virtual Cabinet can help speed up your workflow and swiftly provide you with all of the information you need.

Make finding the right information easier by standardising your file names.

5. Compliance

Automatically comply with GDPR and other strict privacy laws and regulations. Managing data is much easier when it’s all done for you. Are there certain processes your business must follow when managing files and customer information? Virtual Cabinet ensures that users complete all the right steps when producing and completing a document by creating bespoke workflows for your business or a specific file type. This automation helps to tick off all the boxes in your process and ensure compliance at every step of the way.

6. Document Retention

Every industry will have differing document retention policies. But no matter what sector you work in, following this guidance will help to manage your compliance and workflow. Virtual Cabinet allows users to index their documents within their work management system to provide them with a lifecycle for their files – so that in X years’ time, the information will be automatically segmented or deleted. All you need to do is pass on your retention policies to Virtual Cabinet and our experts will build your custom data management system based on those requirements.

7. Version Control

It might not be a legal requirement for all industries, but version control can help to provide when and why a document change has been made. Keep track of amendments made to documents over time, set access permissions and roll back to previous versions with automated version control software – providing you with a secure and up-to-date audit trail for your document workflows.

Workflow and Document Management Software

Productive work is primarily about communication. With a smart DMS you can effectively communicate with anyone about anything, get work done for (or with) anyone, and capture, organise, manage and store documents in a simple and easy way. Virtual Cabinet can do all this and more. We're the key to getting more done with less effort, and who doesn't love the sound of that?

Document workflow automation is made easy with Virtual Cabinet. The work management software is designed to work seamlessly within your organisation and build successful relationships with your clients. Book your free demo to understand how we can help you manage your document workflow solutions by automating and digitising your business.

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